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Accepted XxSequoiaxX's Staff Application

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Hello! Below is my application for the role of Helper within Jurassic's staff team. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read through it, and I truly hope you will consider bringing me onto the team! :)

XxSequoiaxX https://namemc.com/profile/XxSequoiaxX.1

Previous IGN: Toxic6030 (My original username, before I changed it to XxSequoiaxX ~6 years ago)

Age (Must be 13 or older): 21

Timezone: Pacific Daylight Time (California, USA)

How do you believe you are viewed in the community? (Toxic/Neutral/Friendly): I believe I am viewed as a friendly person within the server community, as I often go out of my way to help others. I enjoy interacting with other players, and I am always trying to do my part, however small. I also am building a large town, and work very hard to ensure that anyone who wants a home within it can own one. I have no enemies or issues with anyone, and to my knowledge, no one has a dislike towards me either. I have built friendly relationships with many players within the community, and I hope to continue doing what I can to bring smiles to those around me.

How active are/were you: I typically am online for an average of around 20 to 30 hours per week. I am a college student, so some days I play less than others, but I am usually online at least once every day for a few hours. During the time I am online, I am usually building, chatting with others, or just hanging out having a good time making friends.

Can you contribute up to 20 hours a week minimal?: Yes, I can easily contribute 20 hours per week to this server, as I already spend at least this many hours online on a regular basis. I've been on this server for a couple of months now, and I can't recall a week where I did not play at least 20 hours.

Do you play Survival or Skyblock more?: Mainly my focus is on survival, as that's where I have the majority of my time invested. I have checked out skyblock on occasion, and it seems like a fun challenge as well! If I were to be a staff member, I would happily watch over either game mode if asked of me.

Why would you like to apply for Jurassic?: I honestly just want to help people to the best of my abilities. I want to do my part in ensuring the server remains a safe and enjoyable space for players, and I am willing to dedicate the time and energy needed for that job. Applying for staff is also something that has been suggested to me by a few current staff members, and they've inspired me to apply for the role of helper.

What would you do to benefit Jurassic and its community?: I plan to do whatever I can in order to benefit the server. I hope to bring happiness, peace, and a sense of belonging to the community. It's important to me that everyone who plays on the server can feel welcome and be able to have a good time. I will do everything in my power to ensure players can feel safe on the server, and keep the peace undisturbed from those who wish to do the community harm.

What will you do to improve the community?: If I were to be a staff member, I would have better resources to be able to help others. Being a part of the staff team would mean I would have the authority and respect required to solve issues of a higher complexity than I am able to currently. Having been on the server for a while now, I am as a result quite knowledgeable in several areas and am equipped to answer questions, give advice, and otherwise help anyone who might need it. Adding me to the staff team would mean the community now has an extra set of hands ready to help, and an extra pair of eyes prepared to watch over everything.

Previous staff experiences (Provide reasoning for resignation/demotion): Years back, I was a moderator on a Naruto-themed RPG Minecraft server. I was only around 13 at the time, but regardless I still took my role seriously. My job was to keep the server chat clean, answer questions, help people through quests, build new areas, resolve conflicts, sort out glitches, etc. I was a part of the staff team for a little over a year before I ended up resigning. I was sad to leave the team, but at the time my life was getting very hectic, and as a result, I felt unable to dedicate the time needed to properly maintain my role. Also, while not necessarily a staff position in terms of gaming, I've also worked as a manager in retail jobs. As such, I have a lot of experience with problem-solving and have gained various people skills that no doubt would help me in a staff position on the Jurassic server.

Can you record?: Yes, I have recording software on my computer (QuickTime Player) and have the knowledge surrounding how to use it. Though admittedly I don't have much hands-on experience with it, as recording is not something I do on a regular basis. Despite this, I am capable of using it properly, and I have no doubt it will be up to your standards.

Do you have a microphone?: Yes, I have access to a variety of microphones. My computer has a built-in microphone, and I also own a smartphone, a tablet, and a headset. All of which have microphones, so in the event one is disabled I have plenty of options available.

Have you ever been banned from any server?: No, I have never been banned nor have I given any reason to be banned. I strictly follow any rules a server has in place, as breaking them simply goes against my own moral code. Rules are there for a reason, and breaking them would not benefit anyone involved.

Do you vow that if you are accepted into the team, you will not harm, disrupt, or destroy Jurassic and its community?: I vow to never do anything to harm, disrupt, or destroy anything involving the Jurassic server or its community. Regardless if I were to be accepted, this is not something I would ever do. I aim to build, assist, and protect the server and its players, that will never change.

Do you vow that during the time of Staffing, you will follow our set of Staff Rules/Guidelines, not leak them and respect your fellow companions despite not liking them?: I vow to always follow any and all staff rules/guidelines, never leak private information, and respect all players regardless of my feelings towards them. Rules are important to me, so I will always do everything in my power to ensure they are followed. Security and privacy are fundamental policies, and as such, any information entrusted to me that is intended to be kept private will remain private in my care. I always respect others, as behind every player is a real person who deserves to be treated with kindness.

Can you get along with most people even if you do not like them at all? And never be biased in your decisions as staff?: I cannot recall a single instance on this server or elsewhere where I did not treat a conflict with anything but professionalism. I believe I am an easy person to get along with, and I do my best to never give anyone a reason to dislike me. I hold no distaste towards anyone on the server and have so far been able to resolve any problems that arise in an appropriate manner. Even when someone does something upsetting to me or someone else, I remain calm and mature about it and take the action needed to resolve the issue. I would never make any decisions that are skewed in a biased direction. I take into account facts, not feelings when making decisions. Others will always be treated fairly and equally, regardless of my personal opinions surrounding them.

Do you understand that we can demote you at any time for anything?: Of course, whatever decisions made surrounding myself are ultimately up to the higher-ranking staff members. If I ever gave any reason to be demoted, I would accept the decision and have no quarrel with it or the staff. I am just happy to play on such an amazing server surrounded by so many wonderful people, and even if I cannot be a part of the staff team, I am content with simply being a member of the Jurassic community.

Thank you for your time.

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Staff member
Senior Mod
- Age
- Can record
- Has a microphone
- Detailed

- Forgot to link NameMC

Thank you for taking time out of your day to apply for JurassicMC staff. I have provided you with the pros and cons of your application. Overall, your application is extremely detailed. Feel free to edit your application at any point in time, and I hope to see you soon.


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Hey, sequoia! Thank you for applying for JurassicMC! Here are my pros and cons!

Detailed applications
Kind in-game
Meets minimum requirements

EDIT: Name mc not attached

Your application is really detailed and well organized. Good luck and see you around!
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Thank you for applying for the staff team here at JurassicMC! I have reviewed your application and provided the pros and cons below. This is what a staff application should look like on the 1st try. Good Job! Hope to see you around Jurassic!!!

Can Record/Mic
Good Intentions
Experienced Staff Member
Well Detailed



Staff member
Application accepted, dm ᴋʏᴏᴊᴜʀᴏ#0001 on Discord for more information.
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