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Denied toybot64 for helper


New member
IGN: 5trawHatLuffy

Age (Must be 13 or older): 22

How do you believe you are viewed in the community? (Toxic/Neutral/Friendly): well i think i am fairly viewed as friendly and very much helpful towards everyone . Since i am new here and playing on skyblock , so i think very few players knows me and since its a newly released server and i have been 100% dedicated to it so most of you might not know me very well , except from active staff / players who plays skyblock daily . And in future i am planing to mostly dedicate my time to skyblock server so being new here wont be an issue as to how community sees me right now . But as time passes those who will come and play at skyblock will get to know me even better . But as for now , you can further investigate my character from active staff at skyblock ( e.g Mod : QuacktheDuckling or any active skyblock player ) .

How active are/were you: I joined on the day skyblock started like few days back , and i can play atlest 5 hours a day and 9 hours if i count my afk time . My approximate time on server might be more then 10 hours or close in last 2-3 days . Since i only have 3 hours class for 3 days a week , i am mostly use my rest of time playing minecraft .

Can you contribute up to 10 hours a week minimal?: Yes , i can contribute more then 8 hours each day on Friday , Saturday , Sunday and Wednesday . Because i dont have classes on these 4 days , on other 3 days i can atlest come online for 4 hours guaranteed , if i dont have any project from University then these 4 hours can be extended .

Why would you like to apply for Jurassic?: There are 2 Reasons to apply for this staff Application , 1 of that is personal so i can tell you about it in private chat . The Other reason is to help server grow and help new players . Since this server is on minecraft latest version , there is a highly possibility of players facing bugs or problems or even attempt dupe glitches , so to prevent players from having benefit illiberally and to help new players to start , thats 1 of the major reason for me to apply . And Regarding the 2nd Reason You can always ask me at my discord ( furious123#7661 ) .

What would you do to benefit Jurassic and its community?: Well I have been playing for last 5 years on minecraft on many different servers and many different game modes . So i have Really good knowledge regarding how players can take advantage using Underhand Tactics , like scamming , auto clicker , playing smart with words and many more . These sort of problem can easily give staff team some problem , as in how to handle these kinds of situation . But since i have played in factions as well , i know how to handle players who thinks they can outsmart Staff and get away easily .

What will you do to improve the community?: Well ill try to maintain friendly relations with all players and make sure that they have best experience possible at jurassicmc.net , with past experience ill try my level best to make sure no one in entire server leave with a bitter taste . I really like to talk with players and to make new friends , so with that in mind the server chat will also improve . I am Really now sure what else can i do to improve the community at the moment , since its been few days i came here . So If i get this chance , ill make sure that no one in whole community is dissatisfied with my work .

Previous staff experiences (Provide reasoning for resignation/demotion: Well i have been staff in 2 servers so far , once i was a Jr.Helper in big community of ExtremeCraft 4 years back , that time most of my work was to record Hackers and /jail them if i was 100% sure about they hacking , so higher staff can punish them later accordingly when they saw the evidence . ill put a link of few of my hacker caught videos .
2nd i was Sr.Mod in my friends towny server that was under development , but the development closed because the Developer that was working died in this Covid-19 ( May god rest his soul in peace ) . His brother told about his death and since he was the brain behind the server , the development process stopped . But time to time we friends still play on that server just because of our memory to our late friend . We kept that server open till now .

Can you record?: Yes , i am good at recording and posting .

Do you have a microphone?: Yas

Have you ever been banned from any server? Yes , I have been false banned on Extremcraft 2 times , but all those ban were lifted within 1 - 2 days because i proved my innocence . Once i was banned because i accused a mod for stealing my farm design by abusing his/her Perms . But that was a random server so i never paid attention to make unban application .

Do you vow that if you are accepted into the team that you will not harm, disrupt, or destroy Jurassic and it's community?: I do .

Do you vow that during the time of Staffing you will follow our set of Staff Rules/Guidelines, not leak them and respect your fellow companions despite not liking them?: I do .

Can you get along with most people even if you do not like them at all? And never be biased in your decisions as staff?: definitely , the Only person i dont like is Trojanfile , Since he is Ahead of me at skyblock . But Its just a Friendly rivalry . Other then then that I Vow never to biased in my decisions as Staff and will get along with everyone ( even Trojanfile ^_^ ) .

Do you understand that we can demote you at any time for anything?: Yes , I do .


New member
Im sorry to say but this is a direct copy of 5trawHatLuffy. As such you will not be accepted to the staff team for this application.


New member
No Its all me. I wrote all of this myself. Stop putting false claims into my app
Well, all the words and sentences are in the exact order and the exact words were used for this app. I will let the staff team handle the rest of this situation.


Staff member

Inappropriate behavior

Thank you for applying to JurassicMC. I read your application and listed above your pros and cons. Your submission is plagiarized from another application, and here we do not accept that. I recommend that you rewrite your application and be creative with it. To become staff, I would also recommend reading the Guide to becoming a Helper.​


Senior Mod
Staff member
Senior Mod
- N/A

- Plagiarized another staff application
- Displayed immaturity
- Displayed disrespect toward another staff member

This application is plagiarized.


Staff member
Thank you for taking the time to apply. However your application has been denied for the following reason(s):
  • You straight up copied this application word for word, you didn't even half try to copy it on the sly. You put in no effort to even being terrible.
  • You're immature.
  • You lie when caught red handed.
Do not re apply.