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Denied Streamer


New member
Streamer Format:
You must have 100+ subscribers
You need to have a decent quality microphone
Over 100 views on any of the videos you made.
2 Videos recorded on Jurassic already. (Do 2 live streams count?)
No punishment history on Jurassic.

Streamer Format:
In Game Name: mamalizzeh
Twitch Channel: mamalizz
Link to your twitch:
Why should we give you this rank?: Would be cool.
Do you vow to follow all server rules?: Yes, sir!
Do you vow to not record anything harmful towards Jurassic?: Yes, anything for you. <3
Do you understand that if you do not meet the directions given to you if you're accepted, you will lose the rank?: Yes.


Staff member
Hello thank you for applying but due to various things I do not think you're a streamer suitable for younger audiences like what Jurassic has. This is an example of what I meant by this.

If in the future your channel becomes child appropriate, we likely wouldn't mind approving your application.