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Denied Shelfie´s staff Application


New member
Previous IGN: (joymcfloy)

Age (Must be 13 or older):i am 15 years old

Timezone:i live in Norway

How do you believe you are viewed in the community? (Toxic/Neutral/Friendly):
im really nice to other and i love making new friends and everyone i know think i am very funny

How active are/were you:
i play very often is my hobby thats why i love minecraft servers more to do and more fun

Can you contribute up to 10 hours a week minimal?
yes i can play 10 in a week i play very much but if im at dad i cant he lives far away so i dont meet him s much and if u wonder i am really a gamer then i mean really

Do you play Survival or Skyblock more?
i only play survival right now but im pretty sure im gonna play skyblock in some days

Why would you like to apply for Jurassic?:
i love to make new friends and fly areound and help everyone i can i also love to use admin commands and make new friends so i will try my best

What would you do to benefit Jurassic and its community?:i
i will make sure no one is having a bad day or is lonely if so ill paly with them an bit speak with them an make them happy again

What will you do to improve the community?:
i will make more play the game and love it im gonna make the comunity great

Previous staff experiences (Provide reasoning for resignation/demotion):
i have been in 4 servers and i have much experience and im very good on commands

Can you record?:
yes i can record i use a normal headset

Do you have a microphone?:
yes i have one on the headest :)

Have you ever been banned from any server?:
no i never ben banned before and i dont wanna ever get banned anyway i want to stay nice instead of a scammer or hacker and make sure everything is great

Do you vow that if you are accepted into the team that you will not harm, disrupt, or destroy Jurassic and it's community?:no i dont want to ruin for others that very bad no one likes to do so if that ever happend i will perm bann myself so no worrys

Do you vow that during the time of Staffing you will follow our set of Staff Rules/Guidelines, not leak them and respect your fellow companions despite not liking them?:
yes i dont wanna get revenge i more want to talk and let it go and we nice friends again i really want new friends an staff friends

Can you get along with most people even if you do not like them at all? And never be biased in your decisions as staff?
Do you understand that we can demote you at any time for anything?:yes i will not use my power to use it on somone i hate if i do it its bader than he beging bad to be we can more both apolagize and be firiends again

yes i know and i will be carefull what i do and read all the rules

thanks for attention :D its fine if u say no ill try next time

:) joymcfloy/Shelfie#2608 i started4-6 months ago
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New member
-Owns a mic
-Can record gameplay

-Little to no detail
-Grammatical errors

Thank you for applying for staff on Jurassic. I would suggest editing your application and adding more detail and fix up the spelling errors. I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you online soon!