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Denied qcer for helper


New member
qcer for helper

IGN: qcer

Previous IGN: (https://namemc.com/profile/qcer.2)

Age (13):

Timezone: South Korea GMT (I come from the US so I do speak English fluently.

How do you believe you are viewed in the community? (Friendly): I haven't been toxic to the community ever. I believe that no one hates me in the community because I have never had any fights or arguments in the community.

How active are/were you: I'm on every day for 2 hours.

Can you contribute up to 10 hours a week minimum?: Yes. Even though I live in Asia I will try my best to contribute and help the Jurassic community to the best of my ability.

Do you play Survival or Skyblock more?: I mainly play survival but I also noticed that the sky block community is really nice. But survival is my main genre on the server.

Why would you like to apply for Jurassic?: I want to help people by answer questions to the best of my ability and knowledge. I also have a kind personality so I can try to help the people who want to socialize more.

What would you do to benefit Jurassic and its community?: I will try to help the community by answering questions and be kind to everyone.

What will you do to improve the community?: I will have a friendly reaction with the community. and benefit the community by answering people's questions to the best of my ability.

Previous staff experiences (Provide reasoning for resignation/demotion): I have staffed on my friend's server. He taught me how to staff and the basics and advances.

Can you record?: yes

Do you have a microphone?: yes

Have you ever been banned from any server?: Yes. I have been banned on JurrasicMC for combat logging. But I learned from my mistake and after that, I never combat logged since. I have a clean record for other servers (Hypixel, Mineplex, VeltPVP, etc.)

Do you vow that if you are accepted into the team, you will not harm, disrupt, or destroy Jurassic and its community?: Yes. I vow to not disrupt and destroy or to harm the community.

Do you vow that during the time of Staffing, you will follow our set of Staff Rules/Guidelines, not leak them and respect your fellow companions despite not liking them?: I have had no beef or flame with other people. Yes, I vow to follow the rules of staffing and will respect my fellow companions despite hating them.

Can you get along with most people even if you do not like them at all? And never be biased in your decisions as staff?: Yes. I respect other people's perspectives greatly. even tho I disagree.

Do you understand that we can demote you at any time for anything?: Yes. I will be willing to get demoted under any circumstance and will not complain.


Staff member
Thank you for taking the time to apply. However your application has been denied for the following reason(s):
  • Seems rushed and lacks detail and effort. An application is the first impression of you, if you can't put effort into your application how can I expect you to put effort into staffing?
  • Numerous errors, while nobody is perfect you may use Google docs or Grammerly to help with these issues.
  • Two hours a day is too little, staff need to be able to dedicate more time to the server.
You may re apply in two weeks