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  • What is your username? MuddyCauliflower
    Who banned you? NotNadie
    What were you banned for? Xraying
    When were you banned (Include Date and Time)? 2/29/2020 around 6pm
    Any previous punishments? none
    Are you guilty? sorta
    Reason for appealing? there is not a rule that states Xraying or even hacking in general is ban-able. I wouldn't of done so if I thought it would get me banned
    Evidence to support the appeal (Screenshot of ban message, etc):

  • No swearing. (hell and damn is okay)
  • No griefing players work.
  • No spamming.
  • No toxic behavior.
  • No stealing from people's claimed chests.
  • No disrespecting staff.
  • You must have proof when reporting someone. (A screenshot or recording.)
  • Be respectful in general.
  • No duping, no abusing glitches.
  • No flying in PVP
  • No tp trapping. (meaning tping players to kill or trap them somewhere.)
  • Use common sense.
  • No lag machines.
  • No swearing at all on signs or otherwise.
  • No being overly aggressive, this is a friendly environment, keep it that way.
  • No pushing people into the pvp zone.
  • (More to be added.)

based on these rules I don't think I should be banned
I am only playing on this server or Minecraft in general for the next week or so while I am recovering from a splenic laceration.
I would just buy my way out but I make 9 dollars an hour and I now have 20k in hospital bills to pay off wooooo
I am only xraying to impress my 9 year old uncle and to have a good time with him and strengthen our bond, he loves your server his world practically revolves around it.
you should see his face when I bring home a whole stack of diamonds
he jumps offf buildings and looses all his things so often I feel like this barely compensates for that. plus ore is cheap in the shop so I didn't think it mattered

please consider unbanning me
I wont use hacks if that is what you desire though I am a responsible hacker without any ill intent.

much love - Muddy