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M_Graves' Introduction


New member
Hello all,

My name is M_Graves and I am a newcomer to JurassicMC. So far, I'm glad to say I've developed a strong liking to it!

Anyways, a bit about me. I'm in the Navy and am currently going through the pipeline to become a Nuclear Operator and Mechanic on primary and secondary propulsion systems [If you're curious to know more (with what I CAN tell you) don't hesitate to ask!]

I finish my first phase of training 26MAR2021, and will have a ton more time to be online and be active in the community. Then sometime in June, it'll be crunch time for Power School.

Well, that's a small summation for now. I look forward to seeing some of you online!



Staff member
Hi M_Graves, nice to meet you and have you on Jurassic! Thank you for your service in the Navy! I'm excited to see you around more and get to know you~ 💕