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I should have recorded it.


New member
I was fighting Mrcus, and I had to log back on with hacks so he wouldn't kill me because he was totally hacking. Why would I want to lose my stuff to a hacker as my friend did too? He's the one that's fine because I didn't record his auto totem and his kill aura. He's the one that doesnt get banned because, what, he left warp pvp mid fight and hacked against multiple people first. I understand how your policy is based on recording it, but I can't download a recording software while dying to a hacker. If I had a recording software, all I can say is he's the one that should be banned, but I did hack so I should be punished. But I only did it so I can righteously keep my stuff, instead of losing it to a hacker. I'll check my geforce software to see if it recorded it.