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How to Write a Staff Application (An In Depth Analysis)


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Hello community, it is me Aaron. As someone who's seen and written many applications in the past, I've also seen many applications which aren't up to a good standard and this is mainly due to the fact that they do not know how to answer the questions listed on the application to an acceptable standard. This could be due to little knowledge, but most of the time, people over complicate what they write. In this post, i'll be outlining the main key tips on how you can write an excellent staff application. Please note that this is more about the grammar and the technique used. I will not say statements such as "have more experience" or "have a good recording software", and this is because this post is about the grammar and technique.

Tip #1- Avoid Using "I"

This is a major issue that nearly everyone (including myself), has made when writing up a staff application. The use of the pronoun I, at the start of every sentence gets extremely repetitive because you're always referring to yourself when you're writing an application!
Example: I am very good at moderating the server chat. I do this by seeing if anyone is breaking the rules. I then mute them if I consider what they're doing as being punishable.
From this sentence above, you can see that the use of the pronoun "I" has been used at the start of every sentence and it gets repetitive. Many server owners like to see a diversity in the literature used to write a staff application.


  • Start with a prepositional phrase. A propositional phrase lets us know where the subject of the sentence is in time or space, or what the relationship is between two entities.
    They can be easily to add to the start of a sentence, e.g. ‘From across the street, I saw the hooded figure’, ‘After breakfast, I got dressed in my finest dinosaur costume and headed to work’.​
  • Swap the clauses. Simple, complete sentences can be made of a single clause – and the minimum requirement for a clause is a subject and a verb. If your sentence contains more than one clause, you can often shuffle them around so the clause that starts with ‘I’ is not at the start of the sentence.
    So ‘I ordered the rocky road because marshmallows are the best’ could become ‘Because marshmallows are the best, I ordered the rocky road’ and ‘I whistled to myself as I strolled down the street’ could become ‘As I strolled down the street, I whistled to myself’.​

Tip #2- Don't Talk About Yourself for Most of the Application

Server owners want staff members who actually want to help and benefit the server. They want to know what you'll offer the server more then what the server will gain for you and this is a honest truth as it is something that is important with real life jobs. You can talk about how the staffing position will personally help you improve in some way, but you need to talk about how the server will be benefited with you on the staff team.
Example: If you give me the opportunity to staff on your server, I put all of my efforts into making sure that your server is free of hackers and your server is enjoyable for every person who joins it.
The sentence above states how you will impact the server if you're chosen.

Tip #3- List your Weaknesses

This may be a challenge for some people, but listing what you need to improve on will gain some respect from the staff that are judging your application. This is because no one is perfect and everyone has their own weaknesses. Owning up to these weaknesses will show that you are someone who is trying to overcome these issues and the server that they're applying for will help them. Whenever you're talking about your weaknesses or challenges, you must also say how you'll try and overcome them.
Example: Even though I have a particular eye for detail and I can complete all of my set tasks, I find it hard to multitask. This is a weakness I am yet to overcome and by giving me a chance to work on your server, it'll better my multitasking skills.

Tip #4- Make Your Application Specific to the Server that you're Applying For

Many applications fail to include the name of the Minecraft server in their application at all. By putting some extra effort into your application and including the name of the server you're applying for will show that you actually care about the server and that this application is not like any other application. This will help gain respect from the people who are reading your application.
What not to do: I will respect every member on the staff team whether or not I like them.
What to do: I will respect every member on the JurassicMC staff team whether or not I like them.

Tip #5- Proofread Your Application

This is obvious but it is something that many people do not do. Proofreading your application will help you check if you've made any contextual or grammatical errors within your application.

Currently, these are my five biggest tips on the grammatical side of writing an application. I will be releasing another five tips on how to write a staff application within the next few days. If you believe that I've made a mistake, feel free to comment below.


New member
A pretty good guide.
However there is one aspect I disagree with, a staff application is a gauge of your character, among other things. Talking about yourself is one of the best ways for us to know whether you'll fit in with the rest of the team.

Overall, this is a guide in writing pretty much anything. Not just applications. It's pretty good, and it'll help out whoever reads it 🐍