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Read Me Guide to Becoming a Helper

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Greetings Everyone,

This thread will consist of tips and some of the main factors of when wanting to become a helper on JurassicMC. On this thread, I will go into detail with each factor and tips with explaining detail and providing examples of what we expect on the staff team and in the community. Each of these topics will be something surrounding the word "helping". This thread will change from time to time and will be changed if needed so please check back weekly/monthly for more updates

If there is anything at all that you misunderstand or you mistake, contact a staff member and tell them your issue. It will help the thread and it'll make it easier for other future applicants and make it straightforward for others. This thread is for educational and informative purposes only. Plagiarizing this application in any form is strictly prohibited and will result in your application being denied.


(1) Helping others within JurassicMC:

This is something that we expect to be the main priority when you become staff. We want to see that you are capable of multiple abilities to help the server whether it be with a simple command or joining the discord. Helping shows maturity and professionalism on different levels as well. Helping shows dedication and motivation to become a future staff member within JurassicMC. Helping also improves the player's experience within the server and will benefit the server overall. We ensure that helping a player or multiple will most likely benefit your chances of becoming a future staff member. As a player, we don't expect you to help them with issues that are out of your capabilities and ability and if you don't completely help a player it is completely understandable.

Helping is the main principle when you're a helper on JurassicMC because it's the next step to becoming a moderator. When you're wanting to become a helper, we expect that you're fully capable of helping players on the server as its part of your main role. Don't be shy from helping players because that will lessen your chances of becoming a helper. If there are multiple staff members on, don't feel the need to respond as it will get rid of the purpose of staff helping if other players are doing their job for them. There is a fine line between mini-moding and helping as well.

(2) Maturity and grammar:

When we look for staff members and accept players, we look for a good maturity level as we like our staff members to be mature enough to handle certain situations within the server and other players within the server. We require the minimum age to be 13 but maturity is one of the main factors to become a staff member. Maturity also comes in many forms and is looked for when we are hiring staff members for JurassicMC.

Grammar is another thing that we look for as it shows your maturity level, This is because we want staff to act professionally in chat which also leads to another level of maturity. When applying you should have normal sentence structure and semi-good punctuation. Also knowing when to use certain words over others. An example of these certain words would be when using the different variations of "They're, there, and their".

Just cause you have a tough time typing correctly on a keyboard doesn't mean that you aren't mature. But if you are purposely using poor grammar skills, someone using good and professional grammar skills is usually more mature than someone not using grammar skills. I personally recommend using Grammarly for grammar and sentence improvement and practice. It will help you overall with punctuation, sentence structure and will overall improve professionalism and qualification.

Being toxic and rude towards other players and staff members within the server shows no maturity whatsoever. It shows a lot of immaturities in you as a player and an applicant and can result in some mutes on the server(Which will lessen your chances of becoming a staff member). We don't tolerate toxic staff or staff who likes to argue with their higher-ups, as it will cause angriness and tension between the staff members.

(3) Activity on JurassicMC:

Activity is another main factor and a key to becoming a staff member. Without activity, it will lessen your chances to become a staff member due to the requirement of 10 hours per week minimum. It not only enables you to be helpful towards players but it shows that you put dedication, effort into the server and that you want to become apart of the staff team. This is arguably one of the most important key factors in becoming a staff member on JurassicMC.

We advise not to be a 5 minute player on the server either, where you join and apply right away. This doesn't mean you'll get instantly denied but your chances will be lessened than someone who has been playing for 2 weeks to 1 month on the server. You don't need an exact time to apply for staff but playing for a long time on JurassicMC is definitely recommended. due to the reputation that you can build and the experience within the server such as with commands or acknowledgment within the community.

(4) Interacting within the Community:

Interacting within the community is another key factor to becoming a staff member. It shows that you are able to talk to players easily and it's an overall good perk to have along with your application. Interacting with the community will create your reputation and with your reputation being hopefully good, then you will be able to help players more easily. Interacting can be within the forums, discord or even in the server chat. We're all friends on the staff team and talking skills is a good thing to have. This also plays a role in maturity.

If you're young around the age of 13-14, don't be insecure over your voice! We as a staff team love talking to each other and it's one of the key things to bonding and making new friendships. Plus with talking to each other you get to be more comfortable within the community on the staff team and the server as a whole. In my personal opinion and many others on the staff, the team believes that communication as a whole is key whether it can be in-game or in voice call.

(5) Previous infractions:

Obviously, this will decrease your chances of being a staff member on JurassicMC as you have been known for breaking rules. Although, it will really depend on the infraction reason when it happened and the severity of the infraction. If it is a mute/warn that is chat related (spam, caps, etc) you'll most likely not be affected at all. If you've had a mute/ban that expired recently for toxicity or chat related things, you'll be slightly affected but not a lot(Depends on the severity of the infraction)

(6) Detailing your applications:

When you're applying for staff, you obviously need to make an application that is semi-detailed. When you put lots of detail and effort into your application. It impresses the staff members and shows that you have potential. Obviously, you cannot lie in your application which will most likely lead to lessen your chances of being a staff member or even an instant deny(Depends on the severity). Also, try to make your application unique using a color scheme or something around that.

Like said before, grammar should be in your application. Your application should be easy to read and understand. Make sure that you proofread your application as well for good grammar and detail. Also, make sure that you answered every question that is in the format, that can be accessed here.


With all of the stuff said above, This concludes some of the main factors of when applying for JurassicMC. We hope that you grabbed some important information from this thread and that it inspired you to become staff. This thread may be updated from time to time so please check back every month or so.

Good luck to the future applicants and I hope to see some of you accepted/promoted soon! if you have any questions about this thread please message a staff member and they will be greatly appreciative to help you.​
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