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Denied Applying for Helper


New member
I want to apply for a helper my @ is AidanMCPlays and i am very mature and i love helping others i play on the server every day, I have good grammar, i also love talking to the community,


Senior Admin
Staff member
Please follow the attached format.


Staff member
Hi AidanMCPlays,

Your submission is not good. It was rushed and the specifics were missing. There is no depth and no chance for me to get to know you.

We need you to read the JurassicMC application format and the Guide to becoming Helper before you submit another response/application.

I highly recommend that you scan, edit and proofread your application at any time using 3rd party tools such as Grammarly.
Grammatical mistakes
Rushed and lacks details
Did not follow format

Thank you for applying to join the JurassicMC staff team! I have offered my pros and cons above. Feel free at any point in time to edit your submission. Hope to see you in the JurassicMC server!​


Staff member
Thank you for taking the time to apply. However your application has been denied for the following reason(s):
  • Seems rushed and lacks detail and effort. An application is the first impression of you, if you can't put effort into your application how can I expect you to put effort into staffing?
  • Numerous errors, while nobody is perfect you may use Google docs or Grammerly to help with these issues.
  • You didn't follow the format, meaning you took no time to research how to do things, nor do you want to follow instructions.
You may re apply in two weeks