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  1. QuickenLoans

    Accepted Unobjectionable's Staff Application

    This is an excellent and very detailed application. Well done. As my other staff colleagues have mentioned this application was done with a lot of effort and passion. I have one question, some of the servers you have listed under your previous staff experience section have no reason as to why...
  2. QuickenLoans

    Denied Staff Application Request [SylviaCrisp]

    Pros: Meets standard applicant guidelines. Of age Can record Has a microphone Has Experience No past ban history Can dedicate the minimal amount of time to the server Good Grammar Cons: Very little detail
  3. QuickenLoans

    Accepted Staff Application (QuickenLoans)

    IGN: QuickenLoans Previous IGN: https://namemc.com/profile/QuickenLoans.3 Age: 15 Timezone: EDT How do you believe you are viewed in the community?(Toxic/Neutral/Friendly): I would say I am viewed as friendly because I am very active in chat and very active with the community, whether that...