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  1. DogPaw48

    What is everyone most Excited about the upcoming Caves & Cliffs Update?

    Mine is the the Axolotls because I always love new aquatic mobs especially pets! What are you exited for?
  2. DogPaw48

    Our favorite dinos! let's see which dinos everyone likes!

    Mine is the Pyroraptor
  3. DogPaw48

    Accepted Application for Staff

    My IGN is DogPaw48 and I am Velociraptor Rank; I speak and write fluent English. I do have a second account as well, in case you wanted to know it is DragonClaw84 I have no intention of using my second account for staff just to let you know. Previous IGN https://mine.ly/DogPaw48.1 Age (Must...