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  1. Monkey_boxYT


    Why is server dying?
  2. Monkey_boxYT

    Favorite Monkey

    What is your favorite monkey. Post them BELOW!
  3. Monkey_boxYT


    Hi im monkeybox AND im bored af
  4. Monkey_boxYT

    I cand speak a new language!

    Я люблю юрский майнкрафт I can speak russian!
  5. Monkey_boxYT

    I just found a new clicking method! And is it Legal?

    Ok, so I have been able to get 50 cps on a white model o wirless with this clicking method. So you pick up your mouse then hold your finger on left-click then slide your finger on rubber tape the vibrations will make you click 50cps or lower. Also is this method legal in Jurassic? Kinda dont...
  6. Monkey_boxYT

    I need a base that can hold a lot of stuff!

    Hello, I need a base that can contain lots of Shulker boxes and Chests. I have recently won a bet to which I was awarded lots of lunsa/ ace/ flashbang armor and supplies. If anyone is willing to make me a base that I can move into it would be apriciated! I am willing to pay 10mill for a...
  7. Monkey_boxYT

    Any YouTubers?

    Hello! Are there any YouTubers on this server? Cus I would like to know I've seen some YouTube vids of the server I just wonder if there is a place where I could watch a series of a playthrough here.
  8. Monkey_boxYT

    I need help with warps!

    Hello so I am new on Jurassic and I am wondering what warps could help me out on this server like enchants and op weapons I am aware of a few grinder warps but I would also like to know more!