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  1. iMakeVideos

    candreatta staff application

    -1, This application looks very rushed. There are a few grammar errors, along with the application format not being spaced out which makes this very hard to read. Also, this might be just myself but I don't see you active on the server at all. Best of Luck, iMakeVideos
  2. iMakeVideos

    Denied Firelight146's Staff Application

    Thank you for taking the time to apply but this application is denied for the following reason(s): You cannot re apply at all for lying.
  3. iMakeVideos


  4. iMakeVideos

    My staff application

    -1, This application shows little to no detail, and has made no improvements compared to the one before this. In a gist, this looks very rushed, a few grammar errors was shown and the fact that you've left Jurassic before, since you lost your motivation is a bit worrying. Like- how would we know...
  5. iMakeVideos

    My Application for STAFF

    -1, This application looks very rushed, little to no effort was shown on the application, a bunch of grammar errors and the use of acronyms was shown in the application which is a red flag. You are free to edit this application and add more detail and fix it up. Also, it would be best that you...
  6. iMakeVideos

    Denied ahuknights ban appeal.

    Denied AHUKKnights, advertising is strictly prohibited in Jurassic. This rule applies to every player and staff on our server. Also, using a mac is not a good excuse whatsoever, we have staff members who uses mac and can easily take screenshots off Gyazo or Lightshot. You may re-appeal in two...
  7. iMakeVideos

    Denied Firelight146's ban appeal

    Denied Firelight116, griefing another player's spawners is a major grief. I recommend reviewing our server rules, as you do have history with Jurassic as a whole . Wait out the 24 hours ban, and make sure to read our server rules.
  8. iMakeVideos

    Denied Ashton171006

    Denied Ashton171006, blatantly using mob aura or any type of hacked clients/modifications that is unfair to the server is strictly forbidden. If you knew that you shouldn't be using a hacked client in Jurassic, just don't do it. You may re-appeal in two weeks.
  9. iMakeVideos

    Denied Bleeding_shells ban Appeal

    Denied Bleeding_Shell, you've kept talking bad about c00lbeanz in chat, which is considered Toxicity. Along with that, you've caused conflict in /warp pvp, by providing the players their items but right after kept on killing them, which breaks the whole purpose of ./warp pvp. ~ iMakeVideos...
  10. iMakeVideos

    Denied ChillingJoker38

    -1, This application did correct one of his/her mistakes by spacing out the questions and providing the proper format. But, it does appear that there's not a lot of details shown on most questions, which simply makes the application rushed. This player also has history in Jurassic, chat...
  11. iMakeVideos

    Denied Pls Unban me

    Denied Killer124914, advertising is strictly prohibited in Jurassic. I've checked through our logs, and it appears that you've send the entire IP Address on the server. You may re-appeal in two weeks.
  12. iMakeVideos

    Denied Staff application for candreatta

    -1, This application looks very rushed. A ton of grammar mistakes, and little to no effort put into the questions, giving not enough details. Overall, the application looks very short, I recommend spacing each question out to make it easier to read. Best of Luck, iMakeVideos
  13. iMakeVideos

    Denied zeffraw staff application

    -1, This application looks to be very rushed. There seems to be a few grammar errors, and not a lot of details were provided. Also, I recommend spacing out the questions to make it easy to read. Best of Luck, iMakeVideos
  14. iMakeVideos

    Denied Captain_Oscar staff application

    -1, This application overall was just rushed. Plenty of grammar errors, and not a lot of details shown. Lastly, you do appear to have a long history with Jurassic, mostly chat related, but this history sticks with you. Also, You did not appear to answer "Previous IGN" and "IGN". You are free...
  15. iMakeVideos

    Warps you may wanna visit!!

    /warp Bannerbox In this warp, it showcases player's banner work and places them in the wall. As of 3/17/2020, over 40+ banners are being showcased in this warp! Check out everyone's work, or possibly share your banner work for the community.
  16. iMakeVideos

    Denied Staff Application

    Thank you for taking the time to apply but this application is denied for the following reason(s): You still have a two week cooldown, before making another application. Simply put, you can't apply until March 31st. ( )
  17. iMakeVideos

    Skyblock Suggestions

    Could I just add ./coinflip on that list, as I'm obsessed with this gambling command, as it's been apart of almost every Skyblock Server.
  18. iMakeVideos

    Survival suggestions

    Maybe. It would for sure go well with the "Shark Crate". (Or also be an award in the crate)
  19. iMakeVideos

    GYoshi's Suggestion

    I believe an entire page of commands for the website is unnecessary, but it would be a nice implement to redesign the ./help command in-game that shows the player's commands and usual server commands. A possible GUI, possibly?
  20. iMakeVideos

    Denied Staff Applications

    -1, This application for sure looks rushed. Acronyms were used, which is a bad sign. Lastly, you've provided either little to no detail on a question, or just answered it with a invalid response. An example below; You don't seem to understand this question? As this is an invalid response. Best...