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  1. Trojanfile

    candreatta staff application

    -1 Pros: Age Cons: Rushed Little to no detail Several grammar errors Don't see you interacting with the community
  2. Trojanfile

    My staff application

    Neutral Pros: Active Well known and Friendly in the community Cons: Rushed application If you resigned for lack of motivation, How do we know that you won't resign again due to lack of motivation?
  3. Trojanfile

    My Application for STAFF

    -1 Pros: Active Cons: Grammatical Errors Lack of detail Little to no effort
  4. Trojanfile

    Denied Firelight146's Helper Application

    -1 Pros: Active Cons: History Toxic Immature Lied to staff
  5. Trojanfile

    Denied ban apeal

    Denied Advertising is a serious and major offense. Along with this, I have also seen you online causing unnecessary and petty drama with other players and sometimes even staff. Have a great day Progamer.
  6. Trojanfile

    Denied ChillingJoker38

    -1 Pros: Active Cons: Can't record Rushed Lack of detail History
  7. Trojanfile

    Godsent pvper

    Godsent pvper
  8. Trojanfile

    Denied zeffraw staff application

    -1 Pros: Active Cons: Grammar issues here and there Not detailed at all Rushed application Unorganized
  9. Trojanfile

    Denied Captain_Oscar staff application

    -1 Pros: Previous Staff History Cons: Rushed application Here and there grammar issues Previous history on JurassicMC Really toxic in chat
  10. Trojanfile

    Denied Staff Applications

    Fixed it. I meant it for something else.
  11. Trojanfile

    Denied staff application

    -1 Pros: Active Cons: Involved with drama Long history on Jurassic Little to no detail semi-rushed
  12. Trojanfile

    Denied Staff Applications

    -1 Pros: No history Cons: Never seen you online Rushed Little to no detail
  13. Trojanfile

    Denied OverTheTop1 Helper App

    -1 Pros: Active Little to no history Cons: Rushed Application little to no detail here and there grammatical issues Have been in drama in the past
  14. Trojanfile

    Denied applying for staff

    No you can edit your application
  15. Trojanfile

    Denied applying for staff

    -1 Pros: Active Seems mature. Cons: Uneasy to read(I'd suggest spacing out the questions) Seems rushed Needs more detail
  16. Trojanfile

    Accepted BaroxYT- Staff Application

    Neutral Pros: I have worked with in the past, Good staff member. Not rushed/ Detailed Cons: Previous infraction on the server I haven't seen you really interacting within the community of Jurassic.
  17. Trojanfile

    GYoshi's Suggestion

    All of the commands you receive with the rank are in the store. but the trade system would be cool.
  18. Trojanfile

    Denied Staff Application

    Neutral Pros: Semi detailed East to read Well aged Cons: New to the community and server New to the server Says, " I was a guy that jumps from server to server. " (Shows unloyalty) Could add some more detail to "Why would you like to apply for Jurassic?"
  19. Trojanfile

    Denied staff application

    -1 Pros: Active Friendly Cons: No detail Rushed application
  20. Trojanfile

    Denied ban appeal Nathan2104

    Please use the correct format. Make another appeal using the correct format.