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  1. Cherry

    Accepted staff application

    To be honest, I don't see a ton of effort put in with the one-word answers. Additionally, as aforementioned, answers are lacking in detail. For example, it'd help to elaborate on the staffing experiences you've had. Furthermore, the grammar mistakes could have easily been avoided by a simple...
  2. Cherry

    Unique Homes ~ Survival Contest

    Note that you may work on your homes whenever you'd like. Homes that you have been working on prior to the competition may also be submitted. Happy building!
  3. Cherry

    Unique Homes ~ Survival Contest

    Unique Homes Survival Contest o/ ~ Hey everyone! I’ve decided to host a Survival competition! The competition’s theme will be “Unique Homes.” Of course, every good competition comes with rewards, in accordance with this, we will be giving away $400,000 in-game balance to the three best homes...
  4. Cherry

    Accepted Cherrific's Staff Application

    Thank you for the feedback! I do believe everybody has different starting points, and I'm hoping Jurassic will be mine.
  5. Cherry

    Accepted Cherrific's Staff Application

    IGN: Cherrific Previous IGN(Link your Name Mc profile here): Age (Must be 13 or older): 14 Timezone: Based in Canada, my timezone is EST. How do you believe you are viewed in the community? (Toxic/Neutral/Friendly): Although it may seem bold to say so...
  6. Cherry

    Cherrific in game, hope to talk!

    Cherrific in game, hope to talk!
  7. Cherry

    Denied staff application

    @kirito232323, I recommend reading the application rules and guidelines that can be found here ~ . Proper application format and more info can be found via the aforementioned link.
  8. Cherry

    How To Play : Jurassic

    Currently my go-to wiki, ahaha, thank you so much!