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  1. Respect

    mistake ban

    Please appeal using the correct format.
  2. Respect

    Denied RedhBk's Staff application

    Hi there. 1. This is lacking detail. 2. You have a very bad habit, as listed above, of dropping harsh words without thinking twice. 3. I have seen you around. 4. You seem to always be playing with your group of friends. If you become a helper, the server becomes your priority.
  3. Respect

    Denied my staff application

    You applied last sunday. The wait time to apply again is 2 weeks.
  4. Respect

    Denied Staff Application

    Hi. Sammy, youre a nice kid. However, being banned for something as serious as you were, misunderstanding or not, is not acceptable. The most recent ban was not even your first ban on our network. You failed to mention that. -1
  5. Respect

    Accepted Staff Application

    Hi there. You have been here on the server for a long time. This application has some minor details but nothing too major. It feels like you spent time on this. There is a lot of detail in this.
  6. Respect

    Accepted applying for staff

    Hi. This application is lacking detail. This application seems rushed and little effort was put into it. You recently joined the server. I havent seen you on much. You have a clean history.
  7. Respect

    Denied staff

    As zorin said above. This format needs to be followed or this is an instant denial.
  8. Respect

    Denied staff application v2

    Hi. I have a couple things to say : Instead of making a new application, you should have edited your post. You recently joined the server this is lacking detail. This seems rushed
  9. Respect

    Accepted Staff Aplication

    Hi there. 1. You have a decent bit of detail. 2. Your answers are straight forward and i get what youre trying to say. 3. this is a red flag. What did you get demoted for? 4. I have seen you around. neutral
  10. Respect

    Accepted Staff App.

    Hi. Couple things : 1. This app is lacking a bit of detail. 2. i havent seen you around much so i cant judge you based on your community interaction. 3. You seem to have a lot of staff history, do you have any proof to go around with it.
  11. Respect

    Denied staff application You need to follow this format.
  12. Respect

    Denied staff application

    You need to follow the format found here :
  13. Respect

    Accepted Sickener's Helper Application

    Hi. A couple things: 1. You have been very friendly to everyone in chat. 2. You want to help the server. 3. You have a clean history. 4. The application is pretty decent with detail. Good luck
  14. Respect

    Accepted My staff Application

    Hey. A couple things : 1. you have been around for a while. 2. You have a clear history. 3. We have a policy with being staff on other servers, as long as the discord youre staff in isnt related to a minecraft server, its fine.
  15. Respect

    How To Play : Jurassic

    No problem! hope it helps!
  16. Respect

    Accepted Dogfaceminer's Staff Application

    Hi. I love to see the dedication. You applied 2 weeks ago and got denied and are back today. You are a kind person on the server. Every one of our encounters has been friendly and non hostile. You have a clean history. You are very active. The only thing is that this application does lack a...
  17. Respect

    Denied TBNR_Toxage's Ban Appeal

    Hey there. As you can see in this picture, you stole items from another active players chest. Stealing is not allowed on the server at all. Wait out the ban or purchase an unban from the store.
  18. Respect

    Denied Staff Application. (by t3rrarb7t3)

    This is asking about your other staff positions You can record with OBS. This lacks some detail. The application is pretty messy and has a lot of grammar errors. 4 bans is a lot. What have you learned from those experiences.
  19. Respect

    Denied Staff Application

    Hi. You forgot the namemc link showing us previous name history as well as your age. Half of the questions from the format are missing. This is lacking detail. This has a lot of run on sentences and grammar issues.
  20. Respect

    Denied Staff Application

    Hi there. This application is lacking detail. Like outdated mentioned about info, we need your namemc link to see your previous IGNs. You have a lot of weird grammar errors. You should have thrown this into google documents to check. This seemed rushed.