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  1. Brandon

    Resolved Lobby Suggestion

    Ranks currently get morphs. When you login to survival, you'll notice there is an empty row of chests at the side. Those will be for cosmetics network wide. There will be custom crates that will be there.
  2. Brandon

    Resolved Warp PvP

    This has now been added.
  3. Brandon

    Resolved Events

    As the server gains popularity, we will be running build events. Perhaps some small minigames like hide and seek as well.
  4. Brandon

    Resolved Shop Revamp

    This server is not necessarily full on survival, it is a free build server. We have some aspects of survival, but I aimed on making this server "easy" while still having a survival element to the server.
  5. Brandon

    Resolved Town plugin

    Unfortunately our current claiming plugin does not offer name support. However, in the future we will most likely add this as a feature our selves.
  6. Brandon

    Resolved Entities

    This has all been resolved.
  7. Brandon

    Read Me Welcome to Jurassic

    Hi all, First and foremost I'd like to welcome you all to the Jurassic server. We're a newly established Minecraft server focused on providing a lagless experience while also using the latest minecraft versions. This is something Minecraft has been lacking as a whole, for the past 5 or so...