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  1. Trojanfile

    reply if your cool

    i wish i was cool but @NotNadie won't let me be cool : ((
  2. Trojanfile

    Accepted Staff Application

    Neutral Pros: Semi Detailed Cons: Minor grammatical errors
  3. Trojanfile

    Denied Staff Application

    -1 Pros: Can Record Cons: Little to no detail Some grammatical errors here and there Rushed application
  4. Trojanfile

    Denied Staff Application

    Neutral Pros: Active Ability to record Cons: Lack of detail You're staff on another server and if accepted on JurassicMC you will not be able to staff there due to our no double staff policy.
  5. Trojanfile

    Accepted Miked19551 Staff Applicaton

    +1 Pros: Been an active member of the community for a while Friendly from what I've seen Can Record and has a microphone Cons: Could be a bit more talkative in chat but otherwise nothing.
  6. Trojanfile

    Denied Application for staff.

    -1 Pros: Age Cons: Little to no detail Here and there grammatical errors. You may use grammar.ly or google drive to correct these.
  7. Trojanfile

    Denied Staff Application for Towny :)

    -1 Pros: Age Cons: No detail Some spelling mistakes here and there Didn't answer "Can you record" and "Do you have a microphone"
  8. Trojanfile

    Accepted MatiasMunk's Staff Application

    +1 Pros: Well Detailed Previous experience Age Cons: New to the community
  9. Trojanfile

    Denied MyNameIsConman staff application

    -1 Pros: Cons: Previous infractions Put homophobic propaganda all over /warp market No detail at all
  10. Trojanfile

    Denied The_Derpy_Duck's application

    -1 Pros: Previous Experience Cons: Previous infraction Lied to staff multiple times Little detail
  11. Trojanfile

    Denied HautStanding's application (*^▽^*)

    -1 Pros: Experience Cons: Little to no detail Grammatical errors here and there
  12. Trojanfile

    Denied my personel appplication

    -1 Pros: Cons: Useless detail inside the application Little to no detail No mic No recording software
  13. Trojanfile

    my lost stuff

    Dealt with!
  14. Trojanfile

    Denied Firelight146's Staff Application

    -1 You were banned from applying.
  15. Trojanfile

    Guide to Becoming a Helper

    Greetings Everyone, This thread will consist of tips and some of the main factors of when wanting to become a helper on JurassicMC. On this thread, I will go into detail with each factor and tips with explaining detail and providing examples of what we expect on the staff team and in the...