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  1. Fbal

    Denied helper application

    This application, while has a tiny bit more details than your previous one, still lacks a lot of them. An application is our way of getting to know you. Who you are, where you've been and what your motives are. From the short sentences you provided in your application, this just can't be done...
  2. Fbal

    Denied helper application

    Your application isn't good. It was rushed and, lacked a lot of detail. Don't rush your application. Read the Guide to Becoming a Helper.
  3. Fbal

    Bored and can't think of anything to do?

    Great stuff Miked!
  4. Fbal

    So i did something stupid

    Please use the proper forum and issue a ban appeal using the proper format.
  5. Fbal

    Accepted JellyBelly's Wonderus' Application

    +1 Pros Age Detailed application Meets minimal requirements Has previous experience Cons New to the server Previous multiple punishments (not recent though) Thank you for applying to JurassicMC to become a staff member. I've read your application from top to bottom, and below is my honest...
  6. Fbal

    When does the voting leaderboards reset?

    Are you referring to votetop?
  7. Fbal

    Denied Helper

    Please follow the format. Don't rush your application.
  8. Fbal

    Denied noticenot's Staff registration

    Please follow the format. Don't rush your application.
  9. Fbal

    VillagerHall for all your top tier enchanted books!

    VillagerHall went Global! /warp VillagerHall on both Survival & Skyblock for all top tier enchanted books!
  10. Fbal

    Jurassic Railway!?

    Let's come together, as a server-wide effort from multiple towns and build owners from across the entire server, to build a server-wide railway system, protected by server rules (no griefing allowed). Have railway stations to drop off, get on and change directions. Let's get 100 up-votes for the...
  11. Fbal

    Random acts of kindness

    Recently, I offered my neighbors to walk their dogs three times a day since they were in quarantine (due to Covid19) at home and couldn't leave it.
  12. Fbal

    Random acts of kindness

    What are you doing for others? Dr. King once stated, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?'”