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  1. Brandon

    [Suggestion] Alternative Payment methods!

    Is there a payment option you'd like specifically?
  2. Brandon

    Denied yoshibruh's staff application

    Griefing is pretty immature don't you think?
  3. Brandon

    Welcome to the New Website

    Hey Dinos! Welcome to the new website. I've always wanted to add a new website, hope you guys like it! It's nice on the eyes and it's utilizing the latest forum software. We've also changed our store to match. The only downside is you all have to register again, but it's well worth it. I'll...
  4. Brandon

    Read Me Staff Application Format

    Thank you for taking the time to come and apply for a staff position, there are a few requirements to be met first before your application will be considered, if you fail to meet all of these, it is instantly denied. You must be able to record and use a microphone. You must be 13 years or...
  5. Brandon

    Read Me Ban Appeal Format

    Note: Title your thread <Username>'s Ban Appeal Thank you for taking the time to come and appeal your punishment if you feel you were wrongfully punished or otherwise, here's the format to follow. NOTE: You cannot ask anyone to look at your appeal, it will be instantly denied. Be patient...
  6. Brandon

    Read Me Player Report Format

    When reporting another user on Jurassic please use the application listed below. (Recommended if you just copy and paste) Also only full screenshots are accepted as proof, no partials. No chat logs either, it must be an ss or a recording. Your Username: User you are reporting: Reason for...
  7. Brandon

    Read Me Server Rules

    Jurassic Mc Network Rules This is where you'll find the Jurassic mc rules, these are globally enforced across all our game modes. If you have issues or are confused, message Ace or an admin with your question. Rules can be changed or modified at any time. Any attempts to bypass the rules or...