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Recent content by Pollywannachip

  1. Pollywannachip

    Denied Masonlovesdogs11 Helper

    Please follow the staff application format found here https://www.jurassicmc.net/threads/staff-application-format.279/
  2. Pollywannachip

    Accepted DoraTheExplorer - Staff Application

    Hey Dora, here are the pros and cons I gathered from your application. Pros previous experience Meets all minimum requirements Good detail Cons Ban history Those are the main pros and cons from your application. Although you do have a pretty harsh ban history I do believe people change...
  3. Pollywannachip

    Accepted SmekeS - Helper application

    Here are the Pros and Cons I have gathered from you application. Pros Meets requirements ( age, can record, has a mic) previous staffing experience Cons History of grief and hacked clients In the past has been very immature and toxic Overall it's a solid application. Besides the cons listed...
  4. Pollywannachip

    Denied Kerbalcats application

    Pros Meets minimum requirements (age, can record, has mic) Cons Lacks previous experience Ban history Short answers/Lacks detail Here are the pros and cons I have gathered from reading your application.
  5. Pollywannachip

    Accepted Hisoka_Morrow_ for helper

    Pros Meets all requirements Previous experience Good Grammar and detail Seems mature and friendly Cons N/A Thank you for applying, above are the pros and cons I gathered from your application. Overall great application and I wish you the best of luck :D
  6. Pollywannachip

    For the admin who denied my appeal

    We won't be refunding the purchases you have made. You broke a rule and got banned and that should have been taken into consideration before you broke that rule.
  7. Pollywannachip

    Denied Staff application

    Pros: Can record has microphone very active Cons Missed a couple questions A few grammatical errors Fix up those cons and it will be a pretty good application :)
  8. Pollywannachip

    Accepted Pollywannachip Helper application

    IGN: pollywannachip Age: 14, turning 15 October 27th Previous IGN: yeetyeetswangy( My name mc ) Timezone: Central Daylight time How do you believe you are viewed in the community? (Toxic/Neutral/Friendly): In my opinion I'm viewed very positively on the server. Over the time I've spent on the...